Health Privacy Summit 2017: 7th International Summit on the Future of Health Privacy

Is Health Privacy a Human Right?


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01 Opening Session-From Hippocrates to Human Rights

02 The GDPR and the European Vision for the Future of the Digital World

03 Autonomy, Dignity, Freedom – European Approaches to Data Protection in Medical Research and Treatment

04 The EUs General Data Protection Regulations and its Impact on the US

05 Health Privacy in the LGBTQIA Community – Electronic Health Records Systems and Sensitive Data

06 Blockchain Technology and Health Data – How it works, what can it add and whats all the hype about

07 Session 3a – State Health Databases – Reidentification of patient records and expansion of theDataMap

08 Workplace Wellness and Employee Genetic Testing – Should employers and insurers have access to genetic tests

09 Session 4a – Patients use of Health Information Exchanges – Do they care, Can they get personal health data, How do they use it

10 Recent Empirical Research on Health Privacy – Do young people care about health privacy, Is compelled disclosure of health information a major privacy issue

11 Keynote – Augmenting Human and Machine Intelligence to Improve Medical Care

12 Day 1 – Closing Remarks

13 Day2 – Welcoming

14 Keynote – An Overview of Technology and the Health System

15 Day2 Session 1 – Delivering Healthcare in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

16 Day2 Session 2a – How Private are Your Prescriptions – The Importance of Access Restrictions for PDMPs

17 What’s new with theDataMap – Tracking flows of personal information

18 Companies Competing for Privacy – Has privacy innovation begun

19 Closing Remarks

20 Celebration of Privacy – Welcome

21 Celebration of Privacy – Top Data Detective Award

22 Celebration of Privacy – Louis D. Brandeis: Standing for the People

23 Celebration of Privacy – Paul Brandeis Raushenbush

24 Celebration of Privacy – Louis D. Brandeis Privacy Award

25 Celebration of Privacy – Closing