Health Privacy Summit 2012: 2nd International Summit on the Future of Health Privacy

Is there an American Health Privacy Crisis?



The second International Summit on the Future of Health Privacy was held in Washington D.C. on June 6th and 7th, 2012. The key question: Is there an American Health Privacy Crisis? The resounding message was “yes”, we are on the verge of an American Health Privacy Crisis. Opening with the compelling stories of individuals whose privacy has been compromised in the rush to implement electronic health record (EHR) systems, the Summit sought to demonstrate that political and economic gain from technological advances has overtaken a considered and deliberate approach, exposing the critical need for policy and law.

Summit Materials

Full Program including agenda, speakers and sponsors

2012 Health Privacy Summit Videos

Welcome and Introduction

Day 1: Keynote: “Creating a Culture of Privacy & Security Awareness” Farzad Mostashari, MD

Day 1: Patient Stories About Privacy Loss

Day 1, Session 1: “First Do No Harm. Does Technology Harm Patients?”

Day 1, Session 2: “Is There Too Much or Too Little Regulation? Will States or Congress Regulate?

Day 1, Session 3: “Big Data – More Information & More Risks

Day 1, Session 4: Introduction to Summit Workgroups

Celebration of Privacy

Day 2, Session 1: Docs & EHRs. How is the Physician-Patient Relationship Affected?

Health Information Privacy & Health IT – Where Are We and How Did We Get Here?

HIEs: What We Know and Don’t Know, Data Segmentation, & Patient-Centered Options (e.g., opt-in/opt-out)

Is Genetic Privacy Threatened?

How do Social Media, Mobile Devices, Medical Devices and Implants, Online ‘Health Websites,’ and Clouds Threaten Health Privacy?