Electronic medical records at risk of being hacked, report warns

The electronic health record systems that automate the digitized medical histories of U.S. patients are severely at risk of being hacked, a new report has claimed. A fix requires better collaboration between CIOs and vendors.
The warning comes from the eHealth Vulnerability Reporting Program (eHVRP), a collaborative of health care industry practitioners and technology providers. It was formed last year to assess the security of the nation’s electronic health records.
“There was not one system we could not penetrate and gain control of data,” said eHVRP board member Daniel S. Nutkis. “These systems were not any worse than banking systems. But the banking systems have elaborate security mechanisms sitting on top of them.”
{Security of electronic health records is nil, yet the government and industry promote the adoption of these grossly unsafe technologies anyway, risking exposure and theft not only of health information, but also of all the demographic amd financial data that is included in health records.~Dr.Deborah Peel, Patient Privacy Rights}

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