Your prescription history is their business

“A secretive, for-profit service called ScriptCheck keeps track of all your prescriptions, even those you pay for with cash. Life insurers pay for the data.”

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Prescription drug database bill stalls in Pa. House

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“A bill that would create a prescription drug database intended to help law enforcement nab doctor-shoppers and pill mills hit a hurdle Wednesday in the state House.”

Re: Governor Scott Outlines Prescription Drug Problem In Florida

Florida dispenses MORE oxycodone than the whole rest of the nation!

See Gov Scott’s testimony before Congress here.

Bravo to Governor Scott for not being bullied into building an expensive, large data base of extremely sensitive, hard-to-protect personal health information, when the REAL solution is simple and obvious: stop the 98 Florida doctors among the 100 top dispensers of Oxycodone in the nation from prescribing. No wonder Florida is the “Oxy Express”.

It’s actually stunning that no one thought of this before: go after the bad doctors.

Taking away the prescribing licenses of doctors committing unethical and criminal acts is not hard or costly—and it has the great advantage of not exposing prescriptions in a state-run data base of patients who are legitimately taking pain meds to insider theft or hacking.

Quotes from the story

· more Oxycodone is dispensed in the state of Florida than in the rest of the nation

· 98 of the top 100 doctors dispensing Oxycodone nationally are in Florida – concentrated in the Miami, Tampa, and Orlando regions.

· Scott said, “we are moving legislation to limit how doctors dispense narcotics and making sure doctors divest from pharmacies.”

· Scott also said, “The role of doctors who have forsaken their commitment to people’s health in exchange for the quick buck of unethical and criminal dispensing cannot be overstated and absolutely must be put to an end.”

See more on his testimony here.