PHR Report Card from Patient Privacy Rights – Google Health Gets D/F, No More Clipboard Gets Only A?

In short, this sector is a long way from maturity. There are still huge problems to solve in the space.

Mixed feelings = both sad and energized by these reviews; upset because it means we’ve still go so far to go and energized because it means Contagion is on the right track.

Patient Privacy Rights grades five PHRs

Platforms provided by employers and insurers received an “F” rating from the report card.

…Katz said PPR could not grade the Partners/Programs on every category.  Some categories did not apply, and others could not be verified. Primarily, PPR wants to drive home that each Program/Partner has its own privacy policy and those policies can really vary, said Katz.

“We think it’s really critical for the public to understand how the personal health record works,” said Deborah Peel, MD, founder of Patient Privacy Rights. “Our focus is on control. Really what matters is patients see who is using their information and for what purpose.”

Patient Privacy Rights grades PHRs

Patient Privacy Rights has issued a privacy-oriented report card on some of the available PHRs (personal health records).

Inspection of the summary chart suggests that if you’re concerned about people accessing your information, be very cautious about using PHRs where “partners” or add-on programs or providers of tools may not have clear policies that tell you how they will or might use your data or that do not allow you to track who has accessed your information. While a platform may allow you to totally remove your data and information, their partners or add-on programs may not all you to do.

Patient Privacy Rights Prepares Report Card on PHRs (Personal Health Records)

This report card was based on what was determined to be privacy protection. Below I have listed the comments about using an employer or insurer PHR as stated on the report card you may be giving up some privacy with others having access with waivers or surveys that come with using the program. According to the study, No More Clipboard seems to be the only one receiving an “A”, with Microsoft HealthVault coming in second and the rest you can see from the image below. You can visit the links for each PHR and see the individual grading areas.

There’s also an FAQ section on how the results were obtained and areas of privacy to be aware of.