PPR at ICASM Symposium at Hofstra U.

The Ethical Use of Internet Cloud Based Apps and Social Media (ICASM) in Health Care
Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Deborah C. Peel, MD will be participating on a panel at Hofstra University for their ICASM Symposium

Panel Title: The Ethics of ICASM in Healthcare: Social Policy, Legal Responses, and Medical Strategy
Moderator: Corinne Kyriacou, Ph.D., Hofstra University School of Education, HHS
* Deborah Peel, M.D., Patient Privacy Rights
* Brian Mulligan, North Shore-LIJ Health System
* Michele Mathes, J.D., American College of Physicians
* Scott Gottlieb, M.D., New York University Medical Center

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More details are below and on the Symposium Site

“Welcome to Hofstra University and The Ethical Use of Internet Cloud Based Apps and Social Media (ICASM) in Health Care conference. This conference is the first major event of the Hofstra Bioethics Center. The Center, sponsored by the University, the Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra and the Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine, represents an interdisciplinary effort to advance the study of bioethics and to bring the fruits of that study to the worlds of healthcare and biomedical research.

Today we will explore the benefits and the risks of ICASM in healthcare and medical research. Reliance on cloud-based apps by health care professionals, scientists, lawyers, IT personnel, and health educators brings efficiency and promises better healthcare to patients. But this development comes with risks to security and privacy. Similarly, social media gives individual patients and patient groups a means of sharing healthcare information quickly and widely. Social media’s online communities can provide useful information to biomedical researchers, physicians and patients and can foster a productive sharing of information among these players. Yet, social media also comes with ethical risks.

Each of four conference panels will consider the benefits that ICASM offers to healthcase professionals, hospitals, other healthcare facilities, medical researchers and patients, and each of the panels will consider the ethical obligations such modes of instantaneous information sharing should impose on each stakeholder. To encourage wide participation, dialogue and cooperation, conference panels will be plenary, with adequate time provided for panel discussions and for question and answer sessions.”

View more and register at: http://www.hofstra.edu/Community/culctr/culctr_events_ICASM.html