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Patient Privacy Rights Foundation has worked tirelessly to protect the health privacy rights of all Americans since 2004.  It is a nonprofit, volunteer-run, bi-partisian organization that needs your help.

Historically, PPR has provided services and worked with privacy, consumer, civil and human rights, and social justice organizations worldwide to prevent government and corporations from controlling and using US patients’ sensitive personal health data.   Since this summer’s revelations about the NSA’s massive spying programs, PPR has been flooded with a whole new generation of users as those who oppose the NSA’s actions are now discovering PPR’s critical work to expose the surveillance and use of personal health data.

This is excellent!  However, PPR is struggling to keep up with the demand.  The small group of activists needs more hands and more hardware. It needs cash to purchase new privacy-friendly PCs and funding to host educational seminars and hire new staff to meet the growing demands.


What is PPR?

PPR is a different kind of service provider.  It believes: “Individuals should be in control of their own health information.”

Protecting health privacy isn’t just important for your own health and well-being, but what we do now affects future generations too. PPR cares deeply about protecting everyone’s privacy so that people are measured by who they are and what they are capable of, not their medical history.

Currently, there are no limits to the types of organizations that can gain access to sensitive information about you—employers, advertisers, insurers, you name it. It’s so important that we act now to preserve our right to privacy and regain control over our personal information.  At PPR, we believe it should always be up to you to decide what happens to your sensitive information—you should be able to know and control who sees it, where it goes, and why.

PPR is the largest non-profit working for health privacy.  They host the nation’s largest and most unique Privacy event, The Health Privacy Summit, which is an inclusive event that offers the only forum in the world for high-level, thoughtful discussions about the most urgent national and international health privacy issues and solutions.  PPR also contributes heavily to a number of different conferences and and Privacy projects.  They fund all this by being run largely by volunteers, and relying heavily on donations.


Wonderful.  PPR is Awesome.  Why are you telling me this?

Right here and now, having Patient Privacy Rights existing and growing is more important than ever. Here’s an example why:

In response to the leaks about the NSA’s blanket surveillance programs, more and more people are becoming concerned about their data – and that includes sensitive health data.

Predictive analytics is the use of big data to suggest targeted interventions that increase profits and improve health. Predictive analytics can also be defined as involuntary data collection and surveillance leading to discrimination.  People don’t know this.  PPR serves as an excellent tool to help educate people about what the dangers are in regards to data surveillance and how that correlates to their health information.

But PPR is a small organization. It’s run mostly by volunteers who are donating their time and efforts to educate the public about what they can do to protect their privacy and prevent things like discrimination.

PPR needs new, privacy-loving, technology and staff to keep up with its growing demands.  It also needs funding for educational programs and seminars to help keep the public aware of what’s happening with their sensitive health information and what they can do to protect it.

Your medical records are your business.
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