How To Talk To Your Doctor

Doctor talking to patient


1. Do you ever disclose my health information without my specific written informed consent? If ‘Yes’, under what circumstances you disclose my health information?

2. Does your office use electronic health records?

3. Does the contract with your electronic health record system allow the vendor to own, sell, share or data mine my health records?

4. What vendor/technology company supplies your electronic health records system?

5. Does your office obtain specific written informed consent before disclosing any of my health or prescription information?

6. Which members of your staff can access my health records?

7. What limits do you place on staff members or physicians you practice with regarding access to my health information?

8. Who is the privacy officer for your practice?

9. When transferring my information (copy, fax, etc.. what safeguards does your staff practice? Do you only transfer the medical information necessary?

10. Have you or will you opt out of the AMA’s database that includes your prescribing history and activity?

*The link to the AMA’s Physician Data Restriction Program is under the “Forms” section


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