Do Not Disclose

Do you want:

  • To choose who can see and use your personal information, from prescriptions to DNA?
  • To protect your children’s health information, so it won’t be used against them in the future for jobs or credit?
  • To get a clear explanation of how your information will be used before you decide to share it?

Then sign up to support the “Do Not Disclose” campaign! Let Congress know that you want a Do Not Disclose list.

Patient Privacy Rights is leading this campaign to give patients control over health information in electronic systems. Dr. Peel, founder and chair of PPR, described the Do Not Disclose list in the Wall Street Journal and on Fox News.

Just imagine a “Do Not Call” list, but instead of stopping marketing companies from calling you, it would stop companies and government from using your most sensitive personal information — your health data — without your permission.

The petition asks Congress to pass a law to set up the list — just like the law passed to set up the ‘Do Not Call’ list.

We need your help. Sign up Today!


Patient Privacy Rights is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. We will not share, rent, sell or otherwise disclose your information without obtaining your obvious permission.

To make the Do Not Disclose List really happen, we also need your financial support. Just $5 can secure us at least 2 additional supporters. Please make your contribution today!