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CVS’s new benefits program policy that requires employees to reveal personal information about themselves, like their weight, body fat, and blood glucose levels, or pay a $600 yearly penalty has stirred up a lot of debate this past week. PPR believes this type of program is coercive, invasive, and doesn’t give patients any control over the extremely sensitive health information they are required to submit. Not only can they NOT be certain that their employer will never see this information, the data can also be collected, sold, and used in different circumstances without their knowledge or consent.

However, data collection and privacy issues are not the only problems. Employees should be able to choose whether or not they participate in any programs their employers offer; participation should not be mandated. The ability for each person to make her/his own choices about her/his own health and wellness, and prevent the collection of personal medical information is the key right that Patient Privacy Rights works to restore. Making a choice about your most sensitive personal information shouldn’t come with a penalty.

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