CVS – “House Money, House Rules”

At a CVS Caremark Company Town Hall on February 6th, 2013, the President and CEO of the company spoke about their “Plan for Health” that requires employees to either complete a yearly Health Screening and Wellness review or pay an additional $600 per year for health coverage.

They’re calling the option they’ve chosen “House Money, House Rules” and say that they will “continue to provide coverage—however, participants must fulfill various requirements to enroll and/or receive additional plan benefits and preferred pricing.”

You can see a screenshot of the presentation slide with the four approach options the company outlined here.

We understand that CVS and many other companies are feeling pressure to address mounting health care costs, but we don’t think this is the way to go about it. This approach does not create a culture in which people willingly work together to figure out the best ways for improving health, reducing costs, and increasing personal responsibility. Rather, it forces them into situations where they have to reveal personal information about themselves and have no control over what happens to it. “House Money, House Rules” may work when you’re dealing blackjack, but not when you’re dealing with people’s health and livelihood.

A link to the Company Town Hall presentation is here. The discussion of the Health Plan begins around the 53 minute mark. Please note, a name and email address are required to access the video.

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