Contact Your Congressman

Privacy Violated?  Tell Congress.

Today, there is often not much we can do when our health privacy has been violated.  You can submit a formal complaint to HHS.  The agency has thus far issued no fines or penalties for the thousands of complaints received.  In part, this is due to the fact that it is quite hard to violate HIPAA, the Privacy Rule is incredibly broad and allows nearly unfettered access to our most personal health information.

It is up to Congress to close the loopholes in HIPAA and ensure our right to health privacy is protected.

We urge you to contact your Senators and Representative and share your story.  As their constitutent you can have a very powerful voice and give Congress the human side of this issue.

Please visit our Advocacy 101 page to find your elected officials, see talking points and learn more about talking with politicians.

Willing to Tell Others?

If you feel compelled to do more, please share your story with us.  We can work with you to consider if talking to the press would be a positive step.  We also need to continue collecting true (anonymous) stories to help educate Congress and others.

Share your story.