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2014 Health Privacy Summit suggested reading material


EU and US privacy experts in search of transatlantic privacy solutions, Institute for Information Law, University of Amsterdam

Identifying Participants in the Personal Genome Project by Name, Latanya Sweeney, Akua Abu, and Julia Winn

Discrimination in Online Ad Delivery, Latanya Sweeney

Protecting Patient Privacy in the Age of Big Data, Nic Terry

Big Data Proxies and Health Privacy Exceptionalism, Nic Terry

Big Data and Due Process: Toward a Framework to Redress Predictive Privacy Harms, Kate Crawford and Jason Schultz

What Could Kill NSTIC? A friendly threat assessment, Kaliya Hamlin

Canadian Identity, Kaliya Hamlin

The FTC and the New Common Law of Privacy, Daniel J. Solove and Woodrow Hartzog

HIPAA Turns 10: Analyzing the Past, Present, and Future Impact, Daniel J. Solove

HIPAA Privacy Rule 2.0, Mark Rothstein

Finding a Cure: The Case for Regulation and Oversight of Electronic Health Record Systems, Sharona Hoffman and Andy Podgurski

Balancing Privacy, Autonomy, and Scientific Needs in Electronic Health Records Research, Sharona Hoffman and Andy Podgurski

Rethinking Informed Consent: The Case for Shared Medical Decision-Making, Jaime S. King and Benjamin Moulton