Judge Rules Patients Have a Reasonable Expectation of Privacy in Rx Records

The ACLU recently challenged the Drug Enforcement Administration’s practice of obtaining Oregon patients’ confidential prescription records without a warrant. PPR’s Dr. Deborah Peel submitted a declaration in support of the ACLU’s position, which you can read here.


Good news: It’s a win for privacy! In an opinion issued today, the judge ruled that patients have a reasonable expectation of privacy in their prescription records under the Fourth Amendment, and that the DEA needs a warrant to obtain records from the Oregon Prescription Drug Management Program (PDMP).


To read the judge’s opinion, click here.


To read more from Nathan Wessler, an ACLU attorney working on the case, click here.



  1. Dear Dr. Deb,

    Will you please clone yourself (soon!) and run the clones for national offices in each state? We, the people, appear to this particular subunit to be in dire need of some sane, compassionate, honest, very intelligent legislators. Droves of ’em.


    *yes, I’ll contribute to your campaigns.

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