2014 Summit Videos


Keynote: “An Ethical Duty to Protect Your Own Health Privacy”
Anita Allen

Keynote: “Privacy In Times of Big Data”
Peter Schaar

Keynote: “A Conversation with Jeremy Grant” moderated by Adam Tanner


Keynote: “A Fireside Chat with Karen DeSalvo”  moderated by Shahid Shah

Luncheon Keynote: “The Search for the Mystery Woman and Other Naked Truths Learned from Re-Identification”
-Adam Tanner



Session 1: Privacy, Big Data, and Mobile: Technologies Operating Outside HIPAA Protection

Session 2: Protecting Health Information in Research, Mental Health, and Genetics

Session 3: Do You Know Where Your Health Data Is?

Session 4: Surveillance of Healthcare Data: Who’s Looking? What Data Are They Using? What Happened To Fair Information Practices?

Session 5: Assuring An Individual’s Access to Her Own Health Records


1a – Healthcare Laws – U.S. State and International Perspectives

1b – Privacy and the New Health Care Models: Real World Problems

1c –Health Data Exchange – What Is It And What Should You Do? Opt-In or Opt-Out?



Privacy Debate That Individuals Should Maintain Their Own Health Data – A Debate Between Kimberly Gray, Chief Privacy Officer, Global, IMS Health, and Michelle DeMooy, Senior Associate for National Priorities, Consumer Action



Latanya Sweeney, Chief Technologist | Federal Trade Commission
Latanya Sweeney award video (link)

Peter Schaar, Chairman | European Academy for Freedom of Information and Data Protection (EAID), Germany
Peter Schaar award video (link)