2013 Health Privacy Summit Agenda

The 3rd International Summit on the Future of Health Privacy
Hart Auditorium, McDonough Hall
Georgetown University Law Center
600 New Jersey Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20001

DAY 1 – JUNE 5, 2013

7:30—8:40 am Registration & Light Breakfast
8:40—8:50 am Opening and IntroductionLawrence O. Gostin, JD, O’Neill Institute for National & Global Health Law and Deborah C. Peel, MD, Patient Privacy Rights
8:55—9:45 am Opening Keynote: “A Health Check on Data Privacy”Peter Hustinx, European Data Protection Supervisor
9:50—11:15 am The Value of Data OUTSIDE of HealthcareModerator: Natasha Singer, New York TimesPanelists: Michelle DeMooy, Consumer Action; Ranieri Guerra, MD, Italian Embassy; Cora Han, FTC; David “Doc” Searls, Harvard University; David Wiggin, Teradata
11:30—12:30 pm            Presentation of the DataMapLatanya Sweeney, PhD, Harvard University Data Privacy Lab
12:20—1:15 pm LunchProvided in McDonough Atrium upstairs from Hart Auditorium
1:15—2:05 pm Keynote: “The Constitution & Privacy: Why the Supreme Court Cares”Marc Rotenberg, JD, Executive Director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC)Discussant: Ted Ruger, University of Pennsylvania Law School
2:20—3:20 pm Day 1 Breakout Sessions
  Session 1A: Does the U.S. Need E.U. Data Protections? Should U.S. Companies Meet E.U. Requirements?Moderator: Frank Pasquale, JD, Seton Hall UniversityPanelists: Lara Ballard, JD, U.S. Department of State; Phil Booth, medConfidential; Beatrice Covassi, Delegation of the E.U.; William Pewen, PhD, Marshall University
  Session 1B: What Is the Value of Health Data to Organized Crime?Moderator: Jordan Robertson, Bloomberg NewsPanelists: Bob Gregg, ID Experts; Ron Ross, PhD, National Institute of Standards & Technology; Aaron Titus, JD, Identity Finder
  Session 1C: Cultural Perspectives on Religion and PrivacyModerator: Pablo Molina, Georgetown UniversityPanelists: Reverend J. Michael Little, JD, Friendship Baptist Church; Aasim Padela, MD, University of Chicago; Gen KelsangVarahi, Vajrayogini Buddhist Center
  Session 1D: Patient Data in the Cloud: How Is It Used? How Is It Protected?Moderator: Debra Diener, JD, Privacy & Identity Management ConsultantPanelists: Adrian Gropper, MD, Patient Privacy Rights; Kim Little, Lexis Nexis; John McDaniel, NetApp; Maneesha Mithal, JD, Federal Trade Commission
3:25—4:35 pm Big Data, Big Problems, Big Solutions?Moderator: Deborah Hurley, JD, Founder, HurleyPanelists: Peter Bootsma, MD, Royal Netherlands Embassy; Deborah Golden, Deloitte; David Jacobs, JD, Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC); Mark Luker, PhD, NITRD; Latanya Sweeney, PhD, Harvard University Data Privacy Lab
4:40—5:30 pm Keynote PresentationTodd Park, U.S. Chief Technology Officer, Office of Science & Technology Policy


6:00—8:00 pm Celebration of Privacy
Louis D. Brandeis Award Winner Peter J. HustinxAward presented by Deborah Hurley, JD
Louis D. Brandeis Award Winner Mark A. RothsteinAward presented by Lawrence O. Gostin, JD


 DAY 2 – JUNE 6, 2013

8:20—8:50 am Registration & Light Breakfast
8:55—9:25 am Opening Keynote: “Information is Powerful Medicine”Leon Rodriguez, Director of the Office for Civil Rights, HHS
9:30—10:00 am Patient Story About Loss of PrivacyScott Monteith, MD will interview a patient whose health information became readily available online without her knowledge or consent.
10:05—11:15 am            The Value of Health Data INSIDE HealthcareModerator: Joseph Conn, ModernHealthcare.Panelists: David Chao, PhD, The Advisory Board; Barbara Evans, JD, University of Houston Health Law & Policy Institute; Anil Jain, MD, Explorys; David Muntz, HHS/ONC; Kathryn Serkes, Doctor Patient Medical Association
11:30—12:30 pm Day 2 Breakout Sessions
  Session 2A: CIOs and PrivacyModerator: Cliff Baker, Meditology ServicesPanelists: M. Peter Adler, JD, SRA International, Inc.; Leo Dittemore, Healthcare Partners; Omar Khawaja, Verizon; Bill Turner, Allium Healthcare
  Session 2B: The Omnibus Privacy Rule – Are We Done Now?Moderator: Nicolas P. Terry, JD, Indiana University McKinney School of LawPanelists: Susan McAndrew, JD, Office for Civil Rights Sherri Morgan, JD, National Association of Social Workers; Brian Selfridge, CISSP, Meditology Services; Candice Weatherly, JD, CenterLight Health System
  Session 2C: Newtown and the Privacy of Psychiatric DataModerator: H. Westley Clark, MD, Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services AdministrationPanelists:Demelza Baer, JD, American Civil Liberties Union; James C. Pyles, JD, Powers Pyles Sutter & Verville; Patricia A. Rehmer, Department of Mental Health & Addiction Service
  Session 2D: Consent for Research – Do We Need It?Moderator: Ron Walters, MD, MD Anderson Cancer Center
Panelists: Phil Booth, medConfidential; Kelly Caine, PhD, Clemson University School of Computing; Adrian Gropper, MD, PPR
  Session 2E: What’s Next for Data Segmentation?Introduction: Joy Pritts, JD, Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT, Department of Health & Human Services (ONC/HHS)
Moderator: Scott Weinstein, JD, ONC/HHS
Panelists: Matthew Arnheiter, Netsmart; Duane DeCouteau, Edmund Scientific; David Staggs, JD, Jericho Systems
12:40—1:45 pm Luncheon Keynote: “Louis Brandeis and the Origins of a Right to Privacy”
Melvin Urofsky, PhD – Biographer of Louis D. Brandeis: A Life
Dr. Urofsky will autograph copies of his book following his keynote.