Patients worried about medical records going digital

To view the full article, please visit American Medical News: Patients worried about medical records going digital

This article recently posted in American Medical News puts forth some important numbers from Xerox’s Third Annual Electronic Health Records Survey pertaining to the public’s view of EHRs. It also addresses that “Many patient concerns stem from the fact that the value of EHRs has not been made clear to [them].” The article advises that physicians “…really have to figure out how we make the EHR a focal point of collaboration between patients and members of multidisciplinary care teams rather than just a thing that’s in the room that we have to use to document so we can bill”.

Here are a few key points from the story:

“A survey of more than 2,100 patients by Xerox found that only 26% want their medical records to be digital, down two percentage points from a year ago. Only 40% believe EHRs will result in better, more efficient care. And 85% expressed concern about digital records. Their main worries: privacy and security of their information.”

63%: With EHRs my information could be stolen by a hacker.
51%: My personal information could be misused.
50%: Digital medical records could be lost, damaged or corrupted.
40%: Digital records mean better, more efficient care.
31%: I feel I am adequately informed about when and how my medical records are used.
26%: I want my records to be digital.
26%: EHRs have improved my interactions with my physician office.
24%: My doctor involved me in the conversion from paper to electronic.
21%: I expect EHRs to improve the quality of service I receive.
14%: I think my health care provider is technically savvy enough to use EHRs.

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