PPR responds to NHS sending patient information to India

In response to article: NHS sends confidential patients’ records to India despite pledges it would not

In the US, the use of “cloud computing” for sensitive electronic health information creates EXACTLY the same dangers that British health records are exposed to in India: hundreds or thousands of staff can access and sell health records.

  • “Indian data entry staff will have access to the names, addresses and NHS numbers of patients – along with private information about medical appointments.”
  • “The risks of transferring data overseas were highlighted last year when undercover reporters for a TV programme were able to buy health records from a private London hospital, which had been processed in India. The sellers said they had access to thousands of British medical records.”

It is impossible to ensure ironclad security for health data in far-away nations –actually we don’t yet have a way to be sure that health data in America has ironclad security protections in place either. And it’s impossible to hold cloud servers in other countries liable for the theft, sale, or breach of privacy of your health data—which they probably NOT report to us anyway. Which nation’s cloud servers would you trust with your sensitive health records?

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