Nominate PPR & Keep Privacy Powerful

Each year Modern Healthcare Magazine encourages the public to nominate and vote for the top 100 “Most Powerful People in Healthcare.” Help keep PRIVACY at the top of the list by nominating Patient Privacy Rights’ founder, Dr. Deborah Peel.

Dr. Peel first appeared on the list in 2007 as #4 of the most powerful people in health care for her work to keep medical records private. The last two years she remained on the list as one of the only consumer advocates. Keep privacy at the forefront by nominating Dr. Peel again this year.

Nominating is easy and fast. Simply go to, and use the information below:

  1. Last name: Peel
  2. First name: Deborah
  3. Title: Founder & Chair
  4. Name of Organization: Patient Privacy Rights
  5. Location of Organization: Austin, TX

Click ‘submit’ and you are done.

Please NOMINATE NOW; the deadline is May 7th. Help us keep privacy front and center in health care.

Thank you, and keep an eye out for when it’s time to vote!


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