IT’s surprising leader in patient privacy

IT vendors will make billions of dollars on electronic health records (EHR) – if we can get people to use them. But vendors are mostly silent on the issue of health privacy…

The problem
Dr. Deborah Peel, a psychiatrist and founder of Patient Privacy Rights said in a recent column in the Wall Street Journal:

In 2002, under President George W. Bush, the right of a patient to control his most sensitive personal data—from prescriptions to DNA—was eliminated by federal regulators implementing the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Those privacy notices you sign in doctors’ offices do not actually give you any control over your personal data; they merely describe how the data will be used and disclosed.

But patients are right to fear the release of potentially embarrassing information on such health issues as STDs, depression or substance abuse problem, abortions or miscarriages and other issues that should be between a patient and their doctor – not a mortgage company or an employer.

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