Facebook privacy revisions ‘sign post’ for healthcare

Facebook, the global phenomenon in Web-based social media, rolled out a massive overhaul of its privacy protection policies and technology this week–and in so doing may have drawn up a playbook for healthcare as well, industry experts say.

…”Every single Facebook user in the entire world has to redo their privacy settings,” said Pam Dixon, founder of the World Privacy Forum, a not-for-profit privacy advocacy group based in San Diego. “That’s a big deal. This is a proof of concept that we can in fact have granular control over sensitive data. This gives me great hope that we can tackle the issue of sensitive control of information in healthcare.”

…”Peel said she often hears the argument from people working on healthcare IT standards that it is impossible to build a healthcare IT system that accommodates patient consent, but “PHRs are doing it right now. And now Facebook has access controls, too.”

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