The Word Is Out: Do You Know Who Owns Your Health Records?

This WIRED article, Medical Records: Stored in the Cloud, Sold on the Open Market, is based on yesterday’s NYTimes story that closed by quoting Patient Privacy Rights.

It points out the 2 KEY ways that electronic health systems violate patient privacy:
• Health technology vendors sell patient records without consent
• It is impossible to de-identify health information, so promises that the data can’t be re-identified must to be verified by outside audits

The chart at the top of the story is from our website—it shows the millions: businesses and government agencies—that today can do whatever they want with our health records, including selling them for profit.

The ‘fix’ is that Congress must restore patients’ rights to control personal health information——this right has been the foundation of the healthcare system for 2,400 years.

No one else should own our health records and no one should have access to them without our consent.

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