Security and Hacking, Real Fears

See the WSJ Article: New Epidemic Fears: Hackers

Securing health records in small doctor’s offices and clinics is not easy: small offices can’t afford Fort-Knox style data protection measures, like hiring security experts to make sure hackers aren’t getting into their systems. Even if electronic health records software includes encryption and other security features doesn’t mean those features will be turned on and used.

• Now, many privacy advocates are concerned the administration’s effort could end up making health information less secure. “If there isn’t a concerted effort to acknowledge that the security risks are very real and very serious then we could end up doing it wrong,” says Avi Rubin, technical director of the Information Security Institute at Johns Hopkins University.

• “As more information is shared, it is subjected to the weak-link effect.”

• Mr. Osteen’s efforts to safeguard information won’t be useful if smaller providers he shares it with haven’t made the same kind of security investments.”

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