In the Healthcare Debate, O’Reilly’s Main Concern Seems To Be the Privacy of His Own Medical Records

On last night’s O’Reilly Factor (7/22/09)… O’Reilly demonstrated his primary fear almost panic over the assumption that his medical records may not be private any more if President Obama passes some version of his healthcare bill.

President Obama: “. . . You may not see it because if you have health insurance right now it’s just being sent to the insurance company, but that’s raising your premiums, it’s raising everybody’s premiums, and that money one way or another is coming out of your pocket, although we are also subsidizing some of that because there are tax breaks for health care.”

“I think my head is going to explode,” O’Reilly cried. “I don’t know what he said . . . and I’m not being a wise guy . . . After another hour of Barack Obama explaining his program I still don’t know what it is . . . The man is incapable of breaking it down . . . It’s crazy!”

On a side note, accusing Barack Obama of being incoherent is about as ridiculous as accusing Sarah Palin of being eloquent. O’Reilly complained in the next segment (not shown in any of the videos below), ” I have a Master’s degree from Harvard University . . . I do not understand what the man is saying.” Well, that just goes to show you, an Ivy Le

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