Morpace Reports: Electronic Medical Records Viewed Favorably, but Many Have Privacy Concerns

A new Morpace Omnibus study, fielded in September, reveals that 48 percent of American adults support creation of a nationwide system of medical records, while 23 percent oppose such a system.

Susan Semack, Vice President of the Health Care Practice at Morpace, said the study also shows that 29 percent of consumers remain undecided regarding support of a system that would allow patients, physicians, and other health care providers to access personal health records through the Internet. She added that many of those surveyed also have little knowledge about the system.

“Four years ago President Bush signed an Executive Order mandating creation of a nationwide system of electronic medical records to facilitate the continuity of health care, but most people are not aware of this,” said Semack. She added that consumers do see some potential benefits in this system, including improved quality of care and a reduction of medical errors.

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