Microsoft Joins Study to Gauge Impact of Genetic Testing

Microsoft is co-sponsoring a study to see if people who undergo genetic testing to identify their risk for developing certain diseases actually change their behavior to mitigate that risk.
San Diego-based research lab Scripps Translational Science Institute (STSI), the study’s main sponsor, will offer genetic scans to up to 10,000 employees, family members and friends of Scripps Health that provide a detailed analysis of their risk for more than 20 health conditions. Scripps Health is a US$2 billion nonprofit community health system also based in San Diego.
The conditions — including diabetes, obesity, heart attack and some forms of cancer — are ones that can be changed or prevented by people’s lifestyle choices. Scripps will then track changes in the participants’ behaviors over 20 years to see if people who learn they are at risk for certain diseases or conditions will actually take preventative measures to avoid them, Microsoft said.

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