EHRs don’t save Texas doc time, money or paper

I can’t stand it any longer! This nonsense that electronic health records will save money must stop! We have a six-man orthopedic group in Lubbock, Texas, and have had one company for six years and were ill advised to switch to another this year. Both are nothing special, don’t save time, don’t save money, don’t save paper, are not safer for patients.

My God, who are the idiots who have convinced our legislators that these systems will somehow save money? Improve patient safety? Hogwash! Try to update a longstanding patient’s profile in your computer … see how long it takes you, how slowed down your office will be. I just read that there are only 50 practices using our current company in the U.S. I know why—the system has huge flaws, like not being able to fax batched documents. Where are the efficiencies? For $250,000, I could have hired more staff, funded my pension and taken a hell of a vacation. Somebody please stop this misinformation.

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