Human error to blame for Grady data breach

Private medical records of Grady Memorial Hospital patients were made public on the Internet, in a way that has become an increasing concern to information security experts.
Human error —- not hackers —- apparently caused the medical records of 45 patients to make their way onto an unsecured Web site in July, where they remained for a few weeks, Grady officials said.
The records were thought to be on a secured Web site, but the site turned out to be unsecured and open to the public, officials said.
Grady has since made sure the information has been removed from public access, said Grady lawyer Timothy Jefferson.
At a time when more and more information is stored and moved electronically, oftentimes on Internet sites protected with passwords and firewalls, experts say they see an increasing amount of information inadvertently slip onto unsecured sites and become available to the World Wide Web.

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