Brin Steps Into Genetic Ethics Debate With Blog Revelation

The inaugural blog post of Google cofounder Sergey Brin contains a revelation that he has a predisposition to a certain type of Parkinson’s disease. The post not only raises awareness, but it also brings up some uncomfortable questions about genetic testing.

Sergey Brin had his own genetic code Googled by his wife’s DNA testing company. The results, revealed in the first posting of the Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) cofounder’s new blog, show that he carries a gene mutation that predisposes him to Parkinson’s disease.

“This leaves me in a rather unique position,” Brin writes in his blog, Too. “I know early in my life something I am substantially predisposed to. I now have the opportunity to adjust my life to reduce those odds (e.g. there is evidence that exercise may be protective against Parkinson’s). I also have the opportunity to perform and support research into this disease long before it may affect me. And, regardless of my own health it can help my family members as well as others.”

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