Prescription for Conflict: CCHIT, AMA policies set up potential quandary

A rule book used by the federally supported Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology to test electronic health-record systems and the policy manual of the American Medical Association to guide doctors are in apparent conflict over whether it’s a good thing to put a patient’s diagnosis on a prescription.
The dueling CCHIT testing criteria and AMA policy position represent “another classic case of tension between patient privacy and patient safety that we are increasingly seeing with the growing utilization of computers in healthcare,” according to physician informaticist Lyle Berkowitz, medical director of clinical information systems for No<convio:session name=”24″>Page Title</convio:session>rthwestern Memorial Physicians Group in the Chicago area.

The current criteria against which CCHIT tests EHRs that are used by physicians in ambulatory care have two requirements when it comes to diagnoses and prescriptions.

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