Removing health IT barriers

“It appears that the AMA has decided to eliminate its long-standing ethical policy of requiring consent before use and disclosure of health information. This is a sad day for Americans who have long trusted their doctors not to use or share health records without their consent.” -Deborah Peel, MD

The AMA advocates that federal legislation to encourage technology use should incorporate physicians’ ideas, particularly in regard to technical standards, privacy and financing.

Congress is looking at how it can provide incentives for the rapid adoption of health information technology, thereby bringing the idea of a nationwide, interoperable and connected health IT system closer to reality. Both that positive intention and the potential for problems from poor implementation are well-recognized in the medical community.

Physicians understand the transformative power of technology in health care. When properly put into place, widespread health IT adoption can improve patient safety, advance care coordination and increase administrative efficiency. It can give physicians the power of real-time, clinically relevant patient information and up-to-date clinical decision support, all at the point of care.

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