Privacy Please: Your Intimate Details Hit the Internet

In a time where reality television is now the norm, rather than the exception, privacy is a rare commodity. We want to know everything about our next door neighbor. It seems we’ve realized that keeping up with the Joneses is a lot easier when you can see every move that the Joneses are making. In a world of Real World, Big Brother, and Survivor, in a world where we consider watching a 25-year-old from Podunk making a PB&J sandwich to be entertainment, truly anything goes.

With the boundaries between public and private blurred almost beyond recognition, what’s the new frontier? Perhaps your most intimate relationship exposed: your medical records online. That’s right; as CNN reported, your private health details may already be online. In fact, CNN’s own medical correspondent discovered her own information online when researching for the article. Go ahead andGoogle yourself. Your very own prescription and treatment history might be available for the next curious clicker.

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