Experts argue over benefits of genetic testing

A panel of cutting edge experts on healthcare and genetics duked it out at Wednesday’s Bio-IT World’s Sixth Annual Conference over the potential benefits and risks of human genome information in the hands of an individual.
Jeffrey M. Drazen, MD, editor-in-chief of the New England Journal of Medicine, professor at Harvard Medical School and a practicing physician, was skeptical.
Drazen, who co-authored an article published in January’s edition titled “Letting the Genome out of the Bottle – Will We Get Our Wish?” said people are better off sticking to a diet and exercise regimen than getting their genome read.
Drazen was extremely speculative over privacy issues and questioned the benefits of genomic readings before policy and end-use results prove it is useful or safe. “What we have now has promise, but we’re a long way from utility,” he said. “As a physician, I want to see the results.”

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