‘Crimeserver’ Discovered with Treasure Trove of Stolen Data

Web firm Finjan discovered a “crimeserver” in Malaysia with more than 1.4GB of stolen data that had been amassed in just three weeks.
Even more alarming: Finjan’s report about the attack surmised that crimeware is evolving with a customer-service focus. Finjan said the crimeserver was left open so that data could be accessed by anyone.
Cybercriminals collect a treasure trove of data from Web surfers whose computers are infected with Trojans. That’s all-too-common news these days, but a recent case shows that the problem is getting worse. Finjan Inc., which makes secure Web gateway products, discovered a server in Malaysia being used by hackers to store more than 1.4 gigabytes of stolen data. What surprised the Finjan researchers was that the data was stolen from businesses as well as individuals — and it was amassed in just three weeks.
Yuval Ben-Itzhak, Finjan’s chief technology officer, told us that there were other surprises from the discovery of the Malaysian-based “crimeserver” that was being used as a command-and-control center for the Trojans installed on infected PCs around the world.

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