Patient Privacy Rights (Deborah Peel) issues a press release about the NEJM article on PHRs.

Contrary to popular belief, the ‘P’ in HIPAA does not stand for ‘privacy.’ Rather, HIPAA allows millions of healthcare businesses to snoop in our personal health records without our permission for ‘treatment, payment and operations’ (TPO), which allows data mining, marketing and the sale of our electronic records.” The NEJM article seems to be getting a good deal of attention.
Look for a fun writeup on Monday or so: HIStalk 911. You asked for more coverage of small vendors, so we offered to give a volunteer company a CIO-level first impression. We got information from an executive there, did a telephone interview with a customer, and sifted through everything on their Web site and our e-mailed question responses. Inga and I will offer our thoughts on how they could improve. The company won’t see our conclusions until they read along with you, so you can bet they’re sweating right about now. HIStalk 911 is a dramatic but misleading name (the company isn’t desperate and we’re not passing ourselves off as esteemed experts), but we thought it was fun. Best of all, we’ll ask for your thoughts, too. Companies willing to accept public critique in return for visibility are welcome and we’re doing it pro bono, of course, although it does take a fair amount of time so we can’t do it too often. See you then.

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