Cops Become Drugstore Cowboys in Vermont

Most politicians support measures like so-called “prescription monitoring programs” mindlessly, figuring that if allowing the government access to medical records of scummy drug addicts will reduce their numbers, all is good.
But when state police start entering pharmacies to get full prescribing records of anyone taking a Schedule II controlled substance like Oxycontin– as the Green Mountain Daily blog [hat tip to Daily Kos] says is now happening in Vermont– perhaps they’ll wake up and smell the sickly odor of the death of the 4th Amendment. In the eyes of the police, every pain patient — and consider that some 30 percent of the population suffers some form of chronic pain — is junky slime.
Says Siobhan Reynolds, founder of the indispensable Pain Relief Network, “We saw from the beginning of the government’s shift to the “war on prescription drug abuse” that this was where this whole thing was headed. Until now, the systematic violation of patient’s 4th Amendment rights was more or less hidden from public view. Now, the Vermont police have pulled back the veil for all of us to see the vicious witch hunt being perpetrated against people unfortunate enough to require Controlled Substances for the treatment of serious illness.”

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