For sale. Public Employees Insurance Agency drug data

The good news is that a company hired to manage prescription-drug bills for the state government has stopped selling information about state employees to other firms.

Express Scripts of St. Louis, the pharmacy benefit manager for the Public Employees Insurance Agency, ended the practice after PEIA complained.

The information was sold to data-mining organizations that use it to plot more effective advertising campaigns aimed at doctors to sell more of certain kinds of drugs, including brand-name medicines.

{Look what happened when West Virginia’s Public Employees Insurance Agency complained about the sale of 200,000 state employees prescription records to data miners. Express Scripts agreed to stop selling those prescription records. So if American consumers and patients sign our petition and take the petitions to their local pharmacies, those pharmacies will have to ask the same question Express Scripts asked. Is it better to stick to the business of selling medicines or should we risk losing our customers because we sell their prescription records.~Dr. Deborah Peel, Patient Privacy Rights}

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