Data-miners unite in Maine to block ‘opt-out’ Rx law

The prescription drug data-mining industry opened yet another legal battlefront, this time in Maine, where no less than six firms are involved in a lawsuit to block a state law that would allow physicians, nurses and other prescribers to “opt out” of having their prescription drug information used for detailing and other pharmaceutical marketing purposes.

Monday was the first day of hearings before U.S. District Court Judge John Woodcock Jr. in Bangor on the request for an injunction filed by the data-miners in August. They are asking to have the Maine Prescription Restraint Law declared unconstitutional. Maine Attorney General Steven Rowe is named the defendant and is arguing in support of the law.

“Legislators in Maine and elsewhere are concerned about the high price of prescription drugs, the role of pharmaceutical marketing in rising drug prices and patient-privacy issues related to prescription data,” said Maine State Rep. Sharon Treat.

{The newest battle in the data miners’ war to continue illegal unfettered access to every American’s prescription records opened today in Maine. The story mentions Patient Privacy Rights’ new Campaign for Prescription Privacy. No one should be able to access your prescription or health records without your informed consent—for any reason.”~Dr. Deborah Peel, Patient Privacy Rights)

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