Patient control a must

It’s really atrocious that these three organizations [AARP, SEIU, and Business Roundtable] would even consider supporting HIT legislation without patient control of access to records otherwise known as the right to privacy, which is codified as the right of consent.

Control of all disclosures of their sensitive records is the ONE thing that consumers want most from HIT, not access, not quality, and not cost savings. The public does not want to choose between privacy and healthcare. When they can’t have privacy, they stop telling their doctors everything or they stop seeing doctors. One of every eight patients takes action to protect himself/herself when he/she fears that his/her medical records will be used to discriminate against him/her.
Their constituents will certainly feel sold down the river when they realize that the organizations that should represent their best interests are instead promoting a health IT system that harms seniors, harms union members and harms every family by building a superhighway for data mining.
You would think that AARP had already learned its lesson about the dangers of selling its members out. Apparently not.

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