‘Grand theft,’ not public service

Why is a collaborative made up of the AMA, Informed Decisions, National Association of Chain Drug Stores, National Community Pharmacists Association, RxHub, state Medicaid and other government agencies setting up to violate our rights to control who sees our prescription records?
We (consumers and patients) have the right to choose who can see our prescription records and the right to decide if our prescriptions should even be placed in yet another giant health database. Our privacy rights are guaranteed under strong state and common law, and centuries of medical ethics. Besides, “smart” technology already exists that can give each of us granular control over access to all our personal health information down to the single data field.
Why has not asked a single patient or consumer for consent to track, aggregate and store his/her highly sensitive prescription records in case of future emergencies? When will publicly state that the database will never be data-mined, used, or sold for any purpose without our informed, contemporaneous consent?
The database is actually grand theft masquerading as a public service. The “service” provides eliminates our right to privacy by violating common law, medical ethics and the Hippocratic oath, which all require consent before access to our medical records. By the way, our prescriptions are part of our medical records. Do you want a “public service” forced upon you that violates your fundamental constitutional rights? I don’t.

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