Advisory groups to help with Blues claims database

The Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association has established physician and employer advisory groups to help further develop the association’s Blue Health Intelligence database of de-identified claims information. Created last year, the database will reportedly provide information on healthcare trends, best practices and the efficacy of new treatments and technologies. The advisory groups will be responsible for contributing “research-based insights” and monitoring new cost and quality initiatives, according to a news release.
The employer group includes representatives from Alcoa, General Electric Co., Kroger Co. and Wal-Mart.
The physician panel includes CMS Chief Medical Officer Barry Straube, HCA CMO Jonathan Perlin and Partners HealthCare System Network President Thomas Henry Lee Jr.
An association spokesman said that participation on the boards is voluntary and the board members will not be paid.
{BCBS wants to legitimize the theft and illegal use of all 79 million enrollees’ medical and claims data, which they sell to large employers though the Blue Health Initiative.  BCBS is appointing industry and government advisors to contribute “research-based insights” as part of its plan to fool the public. If BCBS pretends the data will be used primarily for research they think the public will be fooled into allowing them to continue to steal their health records. And claiming the data used will be ‘de-identified’ means nothing. It is actually impossible to ‘de-identify’ medical data because it contains so much specific information that cannot be scrubbed out (zip codes, dates and places of treatment are very revealing). Instead of writing press releases, BCBS should be sending letters or email to every one of their enrollees asking for informed consent to data mine their medical records for “research” and asking for informed consent to sell their e-health records and claims data to employers.” ~ Dr. Deborah Peel, Patient Privacy Rights}

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