Survey: 1 in 3 IT staffers snoop

When it comes to prying into personal information of fellow company employees, many information-technology professionals could qualify for a black belt in snooping, a new survey found.
The survey, which claims to reveal “the hidden scandal of IT staff snooping,” is from Cyber-Ark Software Inc., a Newton firm specializing in password protection; its Enterprise Password Vault solution is designed for securing and managing privileged passwords.
The firm said its survey was conducted at a recent security conference in London, where more than 200 IT professionals submitted written response cards or were interviewed.
According to Cyber-Ark, one in three IT employees admitted to snooping through company systems and peeking at confidential information such as private files, wage data, personal e-mails, and human resources data; they were able to conduct such activities because they knew administrative passwords that gave them anonymous access to company systems.
{Snooping in personnel records has always been a “no no”; now that we have electronic records, it is inexcusable that there are not safeguards in place that audit or prevent IT Professionals from doing spying.  Companies, such as Cyber-Ark, have developed software that secures and manages administrator passwords but many companies are not electing to use them.  It must not be very reassuring to the medical patients or consumers, when today there are innumerable secret databases containing private health records created and used by the over 4 million health-related businesses that have open access to electronic health data. Not only has a gutted HIPPA allowed commercial interests unfettered access to this data but snooping co-workers now have access too.  Unfortunately, unless Congress acts immediately and gives medical patients and consumers true privacy protection, this trend will only worsen with time.  ~ Dr. Deborah Peel, Patient Privacy Rights}

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