Patient’s candid camera sends shockwaves through hospitals

A nurse’s discovery of a Webcam hooked up by parents in their child’s Boston hospital room has stunned the patient’s doctor, raised a mound of privacy issues and potentially left medical staff looking over their shoulders.
Dr. Samuel Blackman, a pediatric oncologist at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, would not speak for the record when contacted by the Herald about the incident at Children’s Hospital.
But in an entry on his blog titled “Hemorrhage! You’re On Candid Camera,” Blackman strongly questioned the use of the camera in the child’s room, asking, “Should parents have the right to a hospital version of a NannyCam?”
According to Blackman’s blog account – an incident confirmed by hospital officials – the unidentified parents set up the camera so the child’s favorite relative could see what was going on during the long hospital stay. It captured, among other things, the child suffering a bloody nose and vomiting.
The parents were asked by the doctor to take the camera down. Blackman removed the blog entry yesterday afternoon.
{Deciding to film your own child does not violate anyone’s privacy or violate HIPAA. Filming anyone else (like hospital staff or other patients) without their consent or knowledge could violate laws. But on the other hand, since hospital care can be so bad, the impulse of families to record the treatment of their children is understandable. ~ Dr. Deborah Peel, Patient Privacy Rights}

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